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How do I know if I've found my wedding dress?

How do you know if you've found THE ideal wedding dress? Whether you're alone or with company during your dress fittings, the most important thing is to really listen to YOURSELF!

Contrary to popular belief, love at first sight isn't always a given when choosing your dress. Just like choosing a husband, in fact! For some of you, it might take trying on the dress several times before saying yes, while for others, the decision will come in a snap.

It's not always easy to decide. And between us, that's somewhat normal. Who can boast of having tried on a multitude of wedding dresses? Although my brides are all different from one another, through my encounters and fittings, I've been able to identify unmistakable signs.


- The one that knows how to enhance you without disguising you. If you're a fan of minimalism and simplicity, there's no need to gravitate towards a model full of frills just because you're afraid of not looking like a "real bride" on the Big Day. And vice versa. So, follow your instinct…

  • The one in which you can move easily without feeling trapped. It follows your movements without hindering them. Don't hesitate to walk or sit down to test the comfort level of your dress. Avoid corsets that slide down, straps that fall...
  • The one that makes you smile when you try it on. No matter what those around you think, you just feel fabulous and ready to re-seduce your future husband in this dress!
  • The one you don't want to take off during the fitting because it already feels a part of you.
  • The one in which you want to dance, laugh, and have fun without worrying about your hips (which you find too round) or your shoulders (too square for your liking). The ideal dress erases all those little flaws that make your charm to leave only a feeling of perfection.

You've got it, the ideal dress is you but in a 2.0 version.