Your Dress

What are your options ?

Robe de mariée Valentine Avoh pesonnalisée

Every design is tailor-made to preserve its uniqueness and exclusivity as the women who wear them.

During your first appointment, we will have the opportunity to discuss your tastes and expectations, all in a cosy atmosphere. You will then be invited to try the different pieces from the collection and compare the silhouettes together. At the end of this first fitting, two possibilities are available to you:

A model from the collection?

You can have it custom made while making the desired changes for your taste. You can decide to shorten it, lengthen it, add sleeves, a train … But also reproduce it in different materials.

An unique design?

Why not create together the dress of your dreams? Step by step, I will guide you in your choices to ensure that your dress exactly matches your personality and silouhette. Using sketches, magazines and fabric samples, we will select all the components of your dress together to create a unique and bespoke design.