Photoshoot Backstage

Although I shot a thousand pictures in many different situations (street style, events, etc..), this was by far the most intense but also exciting photoshoot I had to do…
Because I was shooting my baby, my first collection! Not only was I taking the actual pictures, I also had to coordinate the whole day, the crew, while making sure that my dresses looked good.

But thanks god I had an amazing team to help me: My boyfriend, who acted as the DOP (and moral support), Daphné and her fairy finger who created beautiful hairstyles & make up, my model of course, the beautiful Talisa which was a total pleasure to work with, my two friends Yeba and Géraldine who came to assist me and my parents who also popped by for a minute to encourage me. But of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without Anne, the owner of this magical café called La Mercerie.

I discover this place through the press and after visiting it, I knew it was THE perfect place to shoot my collection as it had exactly the mood I was looking for: Sweet, elegant and yet playful. But I will tell you more about this place in a another post…

The picture just below was taken at the end of the day. Even though I was smiling I was really on my knees hehe. But as you can see, Talisa was still in the mood to joke.